The chilling violin “recital” in Auschwitz

by Leah Rosenberg

This is an incredible story! Absolutely incredible. Do not stop watching this video story about a violin until the end, when you will be blown away by what is discovered in Auschwitz!

The Nazis were Pros

Not only were the Nazis pros at mass murder, they were pros at killing the human spirit.

They followed a playbook on how to break the human spirit of the Jews so that they no longer respected themselves as human beings to have the will to live.

Jews were not only stripped of all worldly possessions, but they were stripped of all forms of dignity. Heads shaved, having to wear prisoner uniforms, with daily and nightly treatment as the worst criminal offenders in a jail of hell.

The Nazis did everything they could to break the Jew’s spirit. Their Jewish spirit and their human spirit.

Try as they may, they didn’t succeed in breaking them all.

Jewish Pride

This video is one little story of the Jewish spirit that remained, through a violin.

With all the pain, suffering and humiliation the Jews went through, the Holocaust also has plenty of stories of Jewish pride. Stories of Jewish prisoners in camp who continued to pray everyday, light Shabbat candles, bake matzah on Passover, light candles on Chanukah. There are so many stories of light in that world of Holocaust darkness.

The story in this video highlights a surprising episode where a prisoner felt pride in his existence. and pride as a Jew, all while he was following the commands of the Nazis.

With all the darkness, there is always a little light. It is our challenge to find that light and make it grow!

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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