The Bill Maher Segment That’s Infuriating the Left

by Leah Rosenberg

Does Bill Maher like to infuriate the left of which he is a member? Yes. But, Bill Maher must be lauded because he is willing to stand up to his own side of the political spectrum. And that is so necessary today. What has happened to the Democrats?

In a nutshell, the Democrats have gone from being liberals to socialists. Of course, that is a major generalization. But that sums it up. For the bulk of the 20th century, nearly every immigrant that entered the United States of America was drawn towards the Democrat Party because of their focus on liberal values. For many people, the reason they were allowed into America was the Democrat Party.

FDR was a legendary President for so many, not just because he helped bring the country out of the Depression and led them to victory in World War II. FDR’s liberal values led him to work towards expanding the government to help solve societal problems. It can be argued that FDR’s policies throughout the 30’s did not actually help America get out of the Depression . But perhaps it was the massive buildup created by World War II. But the key issue that may have adored him and the Democrat Party to the masses was the genuine concern for the weak, downtrodden, and infirm. The liberal values were focused on empowering the populations that needed that extra step up.

Today, the main focus of the Democrat Party has nothing to do with empowering. It is about handouts. It is not even about leveling the playing field. It’s about justifying half of the population not needing to play at all and having the other half of the population support them. If the Democrat Party wants to stay relevant, they will need to readopt old-age liberal values.

Bill Maher stands for these things. That is why he is so willing to confront his own fellow Democrats.

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