The Arc of Today’s Fraud Called “Trust the Science”

by Etana Hecht

Dr. Naomi Wolf of the Daily Clout hosted Mr. Edward Dowd, former Blackrock portfolio manager for a 2nd conversation yesterday. Watching the two of them piece together this insane vaccination puzzle is an amazing thing to observe. We must appreciate that while big players on the Internet have forced people like them mostly underground, the Internet itself is still a miraculous tool without which the public would have no chance of pulling back the curtain of propaganda and figuring things out for ourselves.

Mr. Dowd presented his theory regarding the mass vaccination program that he arrived at using a combination of factors and sources. Dr. Wolf and her team have been able to back Mr. Dowd’s theories with evidence of fraud and coverups that they’ve begun to uncover in the trove of FDA documents that have been released so far. The two of them together are a powerhouse that is shifting the Overton Window with herculean efforts.

The Current Fraud is “Trust the Science”

Mr. Dowd spent 10 years at BlackRock where he and his team managed to take 2 billion dollars and turn it into 14 billion dollars by capturing a large portion of the market share. He’s seen many frauds perpetrated throughout the years, along with a mass psychosis that allowed the fraud to go on as long as it did. He gave 3 main examples of frauds that he worked through and had been able to anticipate:

  1. The dotcom bubble
  2. Housing and financial crisis of ‘08
  3. Trust the Science

Thesis of the current scientific fraud: The clinical data of the Covid-19 vaccines is corrupt and fraudulent. Attempting to conceal the data for 75 years is another form of fraud as well.

The Arc of a Fraud

There’s an arc to every fraud. The fraud grows and those responsible for it profit, until they eventually reach what Mr. Dowd calls an “inflection point” and then the tide turns. He’s ahead of the herd with this thesis, as he was with theses in the past which led to his professional success. In his world of financial forecasts and data analysis, he doesn’t need to wait for journalists at the New York Times to report on an event in order to formulate a thesis and act on it.

While we all know that the mainstream media is still completely ignoring what many would consider the greatest humanitarian scandal in history, Wall Street IS beginning to think about acknowledging this unfolding disaster.

Mr. Dowd explained that while Pfizer’s stock seems to be resilient, he believes it’s at its peak and it will eventually break its prior low of 46. Over the course of their conversation, Dr. Wolf repeatedly expressed the disbelief and confusion that a lot of us are feeling. It’s hard to stop asking “But WHY” over and over when we think about what possessed so many people to knowingly push leaky and harmful vaccines to as many people as they possibly could, knowing the potential repercussions. Mr. Dowd did a great job filling that gap by explaining the way a fraud functions, the way a criminal mind operates, and the possible reasons behind it from a few different perspectives:

  • Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer had multiple interviews recently. In some, he distanced himself from the mRNA tech and expressed his surprise that “they” used it.

However, a few days later he shifted course and promoted the 4th booster. Why would he do that if he knows that the fraud of the boosters will eventually reach an inflection point and break?

  • Mr. Dowd’s seen this kind of behavior over and over in his 30-year career, where a CEO with a looming fraud scandal will pump up his stock as much as he can and then get out right before it breaks. In Bourla’s case, this kind of trading isn’t even illegal bc the “pre-sale” is already set, and the merchandise has a fixed sale via government contracts.
  • Health Agencies and Universities: Why would they push additional injections, and by doing so hop onto a train that’s headed for litigation? This is the biggest example of Asymmetric Information Mr. Dowd’s ever seen in his life. He categorized high information people such as the Warroom audience as “Smart Money”. With the continuous output of information, eventually, enough people move into the Smart Money group and it begins to have real-world effect until it reaches the inflection point. The universities have not yet crossed over into Smart Money, partly because by solely relying on the CDC recommendations the policymakers remain low-information. Steve Kirsch discussed a doctor on staff at UCLA who warned the dean against mandating the vaccines and he was told that CDC data is where they get policy information. That doctor is going to leave the University rather than get the booster.
  • Rochelle Walensky is the director of the CDC which is a named defendant in a grand jury investigation demand by Dr. Henry Ealy, and State Senators Thatcher and Linthicum. She’s facing potential criminal charges.

Why at this late stage is the CDC still sticking with its monotonous false lines instead of scrambling to cover itself? Dr. Walensky tried to deflect a few weeks ago on a show by mentioning that she gets her information from CNN, but why is she continuing to push boosters when she absolutely must know that parents are getting extremely litigious? It boggles the rational mind.

The Criminal Mind

The bottom line in the above examples is that when a criminal is caught, he keeps tripling down and pretending everything’s fine while hoping it goes away quickly and that something else comes along to capture public attention.

The Very Big Issue for the perpetrators of this particular criminal fraud is that the consequences of their complicity are too horrible to truly comprehend. The victims of their fraud and those who don’t yet know that they’re victims will be going through stages of grief: Many are still in the denial phase, but Pfizer better buckle up because anger is coming, and many people on Team Vaccine will never be able to walk back the horrible ways they treated and spoke about the unvaccinated.

Note: Mr. Dowd has publicly declared he has no financial stake in Pfizer because he doesn’t want to be accused of speaking out for ulterior motives. However, he encourages anyone who’s listening to use the information that he’s giving us to make some money, which will also help move the needle towards the tipping point. The Overton window is moving, but we all should do our part to make it move faster, as people’s lives are on the line.

DailyClout Efforts

After Mr. Dowd explained the criminal mind and the arc of a fraud, Dr. Wolf detailed the 5 main findings that her highly credentialed research team has found that begin to tell a picture of the magnitude of the fraud. The team is made up of Drs, RNs, medical researchers, medical fraud investigators, biological scientists, and statisticians. The reports are signed off by the team’s professionals:

  1. DailyClout Team 5 found that the Pfizer vaccines are broken down by dose:3 micrograms -ages 5-1110 micrograms -ages 12-1730 micrograms- ages 18+
    • Doses were based on age. This means that a small 11-year-old right before her 12th birthday would get 3 micrograms, and if they waited a few days, it would be more than tripled to 10, for the same body size, simply based on age. A 90-pound 12-year-old girl would get the same dose as a 200-pound 17-year-old boy.
    • Dr. Wolf has been looking at many reports of teenagers dropping dead to investigate if there’s a correlation between serious adverse events happening and tiny teens who were given high doses.
  2. DailyClout volunteers found that the material that was doubled or tripled based on the dose were the following: Lipid Nanoparticles, mRNA, and spike protein.
    • The public claim was that the injection stayed in the injection sites. Internal documents have shown that the companies and health agencies knew early on that this wasn’t true. They knew that within 48 hours, the material goes right into the bloodstream and ends up in the liver, spleen, adrenals, and ovaries. Mr. Dowd questions if the research and reporting regarding how long the ingredients remain in the bloodstream were capped at 48 hours in a classic “you don’t find what you don’t look for” move. That appears to be the case based on this internal Pfizer document that tested the length of time the materials were found in the bloodstreams of animals:

Moderna micrograms are more than triple Pfizer’s doses. Pfizer understood how toxic a high dose was early on with a high rate of adverse reactions. Pfizer then quietly dropped the 100 microgram dose from its clinical trials due to “reactogenicity”. Meanwhile, anyone who got their first dose of Moderna was injected with 100 micrograms of material and no informed consent.

  1. Stevan Looney discovered Pfizer had to ramp up their staff and made plans to hire up to 2400 additional staff to handle a flood of adverse events reports in the first 6 months of the vaccine rollout.
  2. Dr. Chris Flowers pointed out that in May of 2021, the FDA and Pfizer would have known about the myocarditis risk. 35 teens had heart damage within one week of receiving the vaccine. Nonetheless, they issued the EUA in June of 2021, after which hundreds of thousands of teens got the injection before an August 2021 press release came out that added myocarditis as an adverse event.
  3. DailyClout Team 1 found that early on Pfizer’s internal trials showed vaccine failure and lack of efficacy. One listed side effect of the vaccine was Covid itself! By December of 2020, Pfizer knew it waned and didn’t say anything about waning efficacy until Spring of 2021 when Israeli studies were published about it.

Dr. Wolf: “Litigation has Just Begun”

  • Mr. Stevan Looney of the DailyClout team found that the side effects that were disclosed by Pfizer don’t match the side effects that were reported early on in the internal documents. Particularly muscle pain and joint pain are huge categories they knew about that weren’t disclosed. It was recently updated to include muscle pain and joint pain, but again, they knew this internally far before they disclosed it to the public. This too fits the definition of fraud- they withheld information that would change the course of the consumer’s decision.
  • Lawyers are preparing letters to send to State Attorney Generals warning them that there’s a lot of false advertising currently occurring, as the FDA and pharma companies continue to state that the vaccine is safe and effective.

How and Why?

Dr. Wolf asked for Mr. Dowd’s opinion on how and why the FDA has gone along with this. At this point, it’s clear that they’re in deep and it would be difficult to suddenly reverse course. However, why did the FDA go along with this at the beginning? In Dec of 2020 and into the next year, how did they continuously approve a product that’s both ineffective and harmful, while claiming the exact opposite?

Mr. Dowd responded that the FDA was corrupted over a timeline of many years. 50% of the FDA budget comes in the form of “fees” from the very companies they’re meant to regulate. The industry evolved over time into an interconnected structure between the drug companies and the regulators. Professional success is achieved by letting things slide for the drug companies, then eventually getting hired by them. Occasionally, executives of pharmaceutical companies also have an open door back into the public health agencies. It became culturally acceptable to work for a few years at government health agencies and then shift to private companies. Coupled with pressure from then-President Trump and Operation Warp Speed, the institutions went along with the fast pace, recognizing there was a fortune to be made on the other side. The blind spots created by industry dynamics are tremendous and dangerous.

How were the agencies so confident that the criminal and murderous results of the clinical trials would never come to light? In a normal drug approval, everything goes through the FDA, and rarely would others ask for the data. They were naive. When the data was requested by America’s Front Line Doctors, they asked for 75 years to produce it, and that was the beginning of the end for them.

Where Are We Now?

Mr. Dowd’s been approaching this insane issue from multiple angles, and he has experience with interpreting real-world data and supplementing it with information from other sources to stay ahead of the curve.

  • 10 members of Congress have written a letter to the FDA demanding that all the vaccine data be immediately released.
  • CEOs can no longer claim they didn’t know the vaccine doesn’t work, based on the internal documents we’ve seen proving that they did know, and they knew early. Within the arc of this fraud, the excuse of ignorance is gone.
  • There have been 2 phases of death spikes:
    • Phase 1 – at the beginning of Covid-19, it was the elderly and the ill who died at excess rates. The insurance companies weren’t fazed by this, as most of the excess deaths would have been likely to occur within a short time frame of when they would have otherwise died. They were prepared for those deaths, and it did nothing to their bottom line.
    • Phase 2- From early 2021 until today, young and otherwise healthy people are dying at an accelerated rate with a high rate of cardiac arrests. They’re also starting to see long-term disability claims spike. This is NOT something the insurance companies were prepared for. Mr. Dowd’s take on the data is that the vaccine is the likeliest cause for this sudden rise in deaths.
  • It’s all over Wall Street. The question is starting to be asked. On a recent call at an insurance company, a ratings agency asked about vaccine effects.
  • Mr. Dowd believes we’re approaching an inflection point. He thinks if we compare the arc of the pharma fraud to the arc of the ‘08 bubble, we’re at about Nov ‘07, that is, the peak right before the fallout. In this case, the peak is the end of an era in which the public suffered from a broad lack of knowledge, and into a tipping point of unavoidable information about the vaccine risks and fallout.
  • Anecdotes are starting to become common knowledge. In an Australian news broadcast, vaccine reaction as a cause of injury was mentioned, and one of the hosts himself had clear physical signs of what he acknowledged was Bell’s Palsy as a direct result of the Covid vaccine.
  • Financially, there’s an industry that’s about to wake up. Long-term disability insurance claims are rumored to be up for Q1 of 2022, although that’s as yet unconfirmed.
  • The loss of life years in the form of young sudden deaths, coupled with the concerning spike in people with long-term disabilities suddenly dropping out of the workforce is almost incomprehensible. This will have a huge cost on every aspect of our economy and society. Breadwinners and industry workers disappearing from the family life and workforce is devastating, and as Smart Money is already aware, we’re watching a slow-moving disaster unfold in front of our eyes, while the bodies pile up and lives are ruined.
  • Kelly Brown is a finance professional in Canada who’s been in contact with Mr. Dowd since he went public because he’s been doing the same work and coming to similar conclusions. Kelly recreated a chart for ages 0-44 and found similar death spikes in the fall of 2021. Death data lags but what’s showing so far is that the 2 most populated and updated regions show excess mortalities hitting new highs into the end of 2021.

Dr. Wolf maintains that the Covid-19 vaccines are an open experiment on society. It’s important to remember that global multi-national corporations such as Pfizer will never have American citizens’ well-being as their top priority. The toxicity of the vaccines is becoming more clear by the day. We’re living in a time when multi-national corporations can be weaponized against citizens and used in geopolitical warfare, and this is clearly shaping up to be the battle of our generation.

The inflection point is looming closer, and the sooner it arrives, the more lives will be saved, and the more people who were injured will be able to get help.

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