The apartheid on the Temple Mount that should make the front page news

by Micha Gefen

Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim, an organization dedicated to strengthening the Jewish presence in the Old City, explains how there is apartheid on the Temple Mount. This becomes clear as one watches the Israeli Police stop anyone that is not Muslim from entering.

Standing at one of the main gates to the Temple Mount, Daniel tells his tour of the inability of anyone not Muslim from ascending or crossing through the doorway to the Temple Mount, which stands just behind him.

Jews and Christians are banned from going up to the Temple Mount from all gates except for one and even that gate has many restrictions. Islam bans non believers from ascending, yet actively desecrates the site through soccer games, garbage, and urinations.

While Daniel is speaking with David Mark of Israel Rising on the situation, one can see the police stopping Jews and even non-Muslim tourists from going and letting Muslims on at the same time.

Jewish groups who walk onto the Temple Mount in permitted areas are continuously harassed and prevented from praying or uttering anything connected to Judaism.

In recent years the situation has become so intolerable that, the government and the police began to make changes and although there are plenty of problems and harassment, restrictions on Jewish prayer and other forms of Jewish expression have relaxed a bit.

Still, the idea that Israel has to ensure Muslim control continues on the holiest spot for Jews and even Christians is absurd.

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