Congressman Takes Down Protestor Who Says Israel Hates Christianity

by Avi Abelow

Congressman Dan Crenshaw knows the truth that many far-right, Christian activists prefer to ignore. Israel is the ONLY place in the Middle East that not only protects Christians but allows Christians to thrive and grow.

Of the nearly 9 million people living in Israel as of December 2018, Christians constituted approximately 160,000 people, around 2% of the population. While Christians have fled from Palestinian Authority controlled areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip because of violence and persecution, the Christian population in Israel has increased over the past few decades.

The sad irony is that the Christian communities in Muslim majority countries in the Middle East have been decimated. While the Middle East is the bedrock of Christian civilization, the number of Christians living throughout the Muslim Middle East is dwindling, yet only in Israel is the Christian community growing and thriving.

It is so sad to see the blatant Jew-hating lies that some on the alt-right are pedalings, saying that Israel and the Jews hate Christians.

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