Ted Cruz Slams the Democrats for Defending Hamas

by Phil Schneider

In just 6 months – Ted Cruz slams the Biden Administration – the United States has made two major strategic mistakes that have damaged the security of the State of Israel. The #1 decision that President Trump made in reference to the Middle East was the cancellation of the “Iran Deal.” That deal was no less than a sell-out, a modern-day policy of appeasement – the kind that never works against totalitarians.

Hamas is nothing more than a small terrorist organization that uses its citizens to protect it’s missiles. Then, when Israel defends itself by shooting BACK, Democrats attack Israel for killing innocents. It is Hamas that is killing its own people. But the Democratic party, led by The Squad, AOC and Ilhan Omar and the like, have squarely placed themselves on the side of totalitarian terror organizations.

Ted Cruz is right on. The threats of freedom today by pro-immigrant Muslim supporting leftists is growing – in Congress. We need a pro-American, pro-Israeli caucus that will grow in Congress and expose the anti-freedom, anti-Israel arguments that are pervading the United States of America. Congress is indeed under attack – less so from the Jan. 6th rioters, but more from within. Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib do not hide their opinions. They may know very little about Israel, but what little they know is enough for them to hate it and oppose anything Israel does in knee-jerk fashion. It is time to call them out loud and clear as Ted Cruz does and to focus on fighting terror, not appeasing it.


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