Students voted to condemn antisemitism at university but refused to mention Zionism and Israel

by Phil Schneider

Is there a connection between anti-semitism and Zionism and Israel? In today’s day and age, the answer is almost always – yes. The version of anti-semitism that is in style today is one that criticizes Israel no matter what they do, and in turn, pins the blame on any Jewish person for whatever Israel does. This is a a new-old version of anti-semitism. The new part is that it starts with the State of Israel. The old part is that the Jew is the scapegoat for whatever ills people are experiencing.

A Praiseworthy Moment

It is a positive thing whenever anti-semitism is condemned. Yes, this should already be obvious. Yet it still does need to be said and cannot be underestimated. Anti-semitism is something that seems to be built in to the world. There has never been a sustained amount of time in the history of the world without anti-semitism. It just rears its head more in some places and in different forms.

Today, the State of Israel is the most common punching bag to target the Jewish people with. Despite the fact that Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East where an Arab can be elected into Parliament, and Arabs in Israel have better medical care than anywhere else in the Middle East, Israel is nearly always blamed for everything it does by the anti-Israel lobby. Why? There is no explanation that seems logical outside of the fact that there are many who simply hate the Jewish people and hate Israel no matter what. There are legitimate voices who both criticize some of Israel’s policies and yet fervently support the State of Israel – like Professor Allen Dershowitz. But others look at the State of Israel and don’t have a single good word to say about the only place in the Middle East that funds higher education for Arabs and Jews, and the only place in the Middle East where both Arabs and Jews serve in the Supreme Court. Lastly, Israel is the only place in the Middle East where any religion can be followed freely and not be subjugated to discrimination.

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