Streets of London: “Israel has no right to exist”

by Avi Abelow

As Arab Muslim terrorists in Gaza were shooting over 1,000 rockets at locations around Israel to kill and injure innocent Israelis, people in London were out protesting against Israel for defending herself.

The brutal, honest truth, ignored by mostly everyone, is that anyone out protesting Israel for defending herself, while silent about Arab Muslims shooting rockets to kill Jews, and silent about those same Arab Muslims using their own civilians as human shields, all in the name of the fake cause called “palestine”, is a Jew-hating antisemite. They don’t care about human rights, they just hate Jews. Otherwise, why would they highlight their utter immorality?

This is a simple truth ignored by almost everyone.

The following video from an anti-Israel protest on the streets of London was following the tragic point-blank execution of dual British/Israeli citizens Lucy Dee and her daughters Maya and Rina hy”d.

To just better understand the situation in Israel.

This is a rocket that was shot from Gaza and landed in the Israeli city of Netivot, just barely missing missed this car.

That’s a huge rocket!

Thankfully, even with over 1,000 rockets shot by our Arab Muslim enemies in Gaza, only one Israeli has been killed, and one Gaza resident who works in Israel!

Supposedly, a ceasefire was supposed to begin at 10pm Israel time last night, but the rockets continued after 10pm, so no clue what the situation is with this “ceasefire”. The problem usually is that Israel ceases and our terrorist enemies continue to fire!

Regardless, ceasefires are temporary bandaids until they regroup, rearm and decide it is in their best interest to attack again.

If I had the ability to say something to our Israeli leaders, I would say that they should only agree to a total annihilation of the whole terror infrastructure in Gaza and finally take back the Gaza Strip to put a total end to the self-created Gaza-terror stronghold, and then allow all Gaza residents who will not live peacefully under Israeli control to leave and live in other places in the world, otherwise suffer the consequences.

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