Israel Insists Sovereignty Will Happen…No Matter What

by David Mark

As the date of Israel’s expected application of its sovereignty over its historical and Biblical Heartland draws near, there is a growing chorus of voices that aim to sow alarm over the action.

Some of these voices are internationalists as well as policy makers from previous US administrations, but others are leftwing politicians in Israel who has watched their pet project dubbed a “Palestinian State” become outdated.

Itzik Shmuli of Labor has recently said that, “Unilateral annexation is contradictory to our national interests. There is no question that right now there is a great motivation for the Prime Minister to push this process, but I will not back it. And our ability to hamper this process is much greater when we’re in the government.”

Of course he has a hard time explaining how his 3 person faction can actually prevent anything.

Most interestingly more antagonism towards any extension of sovereignty over Israel’s historic homeland has come from the EU rather than Arab countries like Saudi Arabia or Baharain.

Why is that?

The “Palestinian” project has been a well oiled machine created and funded by the EU to check Israel. In a sense, the EU has wanted Israel to remain and appear as a European vassal in the greater sea of the Middle East. The Trump plan breaks this calculus down returning the narrative of Israel’s historic rights in the region back to where it should be.

For the Arab countries, they may issue condemnations, but most of them want to move on from the “Palestinian” issue. It has done nothing for them and has prevented them from moving forward in building a resilient set of systems, both militarily and economic that can counteract Iran.

For Arab leaders, Abbas and company have become a nuisance. They are ready to jettison them as they seek to move the region forward.

Only Jordan, who has a 80% “Palestinian” population is truly in opposition to the plan. After all, the real Arab Palestinian State lies on the East Bank of the Jordan river not on the “West Bank.”

Sovereignty is moving forward. The only question is how much of it will be applied and will it be done in a way that it won’t choke off smaller more isolated communities and farms.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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