Should Jews rebuild the third Temple now? The answers may surprise you.

by Leah Rosenberg

There are different opinions about how the third Temple will be rebuilt. But no matter which opinion one holds by, the message and lesson is the same.

How the Temple Will be Rebuilt

Some think the Temple will be rebuilt by the Messiah. Some think God will bring down the already built Temple when it is the proper time. And yet others believe that we, the Jewish people, should take action and rebuild it ourselves.

But no matter which opinion one holds by, everyone agrees on one thing: We must do good deeds. In order for it to become the time that the Temple will be rebuilt (by whomever it may be rebuilt by), we need to fix ourselves and the world. We need to follow God’s commandments and strengthen our commitment to Him. We also need to be united and eradicate the hatred that is among us.

Lots of Prayer

The Jewish nation has been praying to God to rebuild the Temple for thousands of years. In this video, you can hear all of the Jews say “with God’s help” and “God willing.” The Jewish people constantly hope and pray that the Temple will be rebuilt – whether it is by God bringing it down or the Jews building it themselves. Either way, the Jewish nation prays for the day of redemption to come soon where the Temple will be standing once again, God will be revealed to all the nations, and there will be peace throughout the world. May that day come soon!

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