Should Israel Be Afraid of Jordan?

by David Mark

Israel now has a new government – considered the most rightwing-religious government ever and Jordan is not happy.

Jordan has expressed concern over the inclusion of Itamar Ben-Gvir, and his support of increasing Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site.

Jordan’s King was interviewed by CNN and said the following:“If people want to get into a conflict with us, we’re quite prepared,” he told CNN. “I always like to believe that, let’s look at the glass half full, but we have certain red lines… And if people want to push those red lines, then we will deal with that.”

“We have to be concerned about a next intifada (uprising),” continued the King. “And if that happens, that’s a complete breakdown of law and order and one that neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians will benefit from. I think there is a lot of concern from all of us in the region, including those in Israel that are on our side on this issue, to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

So will there be a conflict between Jordan and Israel?

More likely than not, the coming conflict will be between the Jordanian King, (whose family moved from Saudi Arabia to Transjordan) and the oppressed “palestinian” people the king rules over. The question will be, whose side will Israel take?

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