Should America follow Israel’s model for protecting schools?

by Michael Sax


The madness must stop

The horrific killings in U.S. high schools has to end. Our children deserve an education without being attacked. They deserve to live. So how do we best protect our children from psycho killers and school violence?


Option 1 – Get rid of guns

The first opinion is that we should get rid of guns. That way, school violence will decrease as psycho killers won’t be able to shoot people. They may find other ways to kill, but it won’t be on the same horrific scale like that of automatic weapons.

Option 2 – Boost Security

The next idea holds that killers will find a way to kill, with our without guns. They will find other instruments to maim and kill students. So, this idea says, removing guns will not remove the danger, as the killer will find another way to kill.

This path proposes having security officials apprehend suspects before they can do harm. But are there enough security guards? Can we place security guards everywhere? The answer is no. So, one method is to teach security guards and concerned citizens how to identify strange behavior.

Respect but Suspect them

Israeli security guards have a reputation of being good. Really good. That’s because they are trained to look for suspicious behavior. But we all know that police forces can’t be everywhere.

So the Israeli public, your average civilian, is also on guard. Was there a duffel bag left on a bus? It may simply be innocently forgotten. Or it may be planted there and contain a bomb. Israeli citizens, when seeing the bag, would know that it is suspicious and call for help right away. Is there a strange person wearing a long jacket in the summer? Perhaps he likes to be very warm. Or perhaps the jacket is hiding something sinister. Again, the Israeli public knows that a person with a heavy jacket in warm weather should ring alarm bells.

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