Shocking: IDF Exposes What Was Really Found in Gaza Hospitals

by Phil Schneider

Hospitals in Gaza are good at multi-tasking. They both serve the local population’s medical needs and the local population’s terrorism needs. No place is better to hide weapons and tunnels than a hospital. It’s a large building with lots of entrances and exits and a large underground infrastructure. But most of all, it looks so innocent and any attack on a hospital perfectly fits the big lie that Israel’s Army intentionally targets innocent Arabs. 

The hard truth to swallow is that the Arab militants in Gaza, known as Hamas, care less about their own lives and the lives of other Arabs in Gaza. They care about one thing more than anything else. When they are handed 100 million dollars, they use most of it to construct deeper and deeper terror tunnels that are more difficult and dangerous to penetrate. This is not mere suggestion. It is a fact based on 18 years of exactly that being the case. 

The world, led by an anti-Israel UN and a corrupt-to-the-core UNRWA organization has consistently funneled upwards of 100 million dollars annually into Gaza, the most well-funded “concentration camp” in the world. The lies are indeed pathetic, though they are parroted around as if they are serious statement. Gaza is anything but a concentration camp. It is a well-funded mini-terror state that is allied with Iran and serves as it’s forward proxy in attacking Israel. 

The truth is that vicious terrorists need to be killed, deported, and most of all disarmed at all costs. Animals that build terror tunnels under hospitals are not human beings have zero regard for the value of life.  

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