The shocking conversation between an Arab guy and a non-Jewish girl

by Leah Rosenberg

You have to hear this non-Jewish Zionist speak. Watch as she stands up for Israel to an Arab guy who claims he is occupied, despite his GOOD life!

What the Arab Guy Said

This woman is a proud Zionist. When she met an Arab guy and had a chat in a restaurant in Jerusalem, she was confused by what he said. Yet it also clarified things for her even more. The guy told her that he has a good life. He has a good job, a good salary. He lives freely. And then there was a but. The but is that he still hates the Jews. He still said he’s occupied, even though he knows he’s not. The Arab guy said, “It’s a question of principles.” He doesn’t care what his reality is – he still hates the Jews. How can anyone convince him otherwise if his views are not based on facts? He doesn’t hate Jews for any reason other than that a Jew is a Jew.  This is pure illogical anti-semitism.

Standing Up for Israel

She questioned him back. “Why do you hate the Jews? You have a good life.” She asked, “Who is occupying you right now?” “In what sense are you occupied?” His answers proved something that the whole world needs to realize. For some Arabs, no matter what, they will still hate the Jews. A Jew could save an Arab’s life, give him a job, medical care, opportunities, a safe country to live in – it doesn’t make a difference for some Arabs. They will always hate the Jews. As the Zionist so perfectly said that it’s a principle they grew up on. The Arabs could have the best life in Israel, but some of them will just continue to hate and to spread that hate.

And that is what Israel is up against.

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