Shocking: 2004 Documentary Reveals the Alarming Truth About Columbia University

by Leah Rosenberg

For anybody who has followed the alarming trends of the progressive movement in the Western world and the United States in particular, what is going on across campuses today in the United States is not a shocker. Perhaps the extent of the anti-American hatred should come as a surprise, but not it’s pervasive existence. 

So many campuses today are staffed with professors who have been preaching anti-American and anti-family messaging for decades. Today, we are seeing the new and improved final product that many professors are happy to cheer on. To be an anti-family and anti-American student has become stylish. But of course, the slogans and the words that are used whitewash the true intentions.

People do not walk around with placards that say, “Down with the modern family!” They just cheer on the rights of LGBTQ+ people. They don’t scream “Kill the Jews!” They just scream that Israel is committing genocide. They don’t scream “Down with America!” They just talk about the rights of all people to travel freely across all borders. 

But the intersectionality of the movements is the best proof that what is truly driving the young adults is whatever has become stylish as the progressive way of thinking. One side of the progressive norms is passionate about endless gay and trans rights while the other side passionately supports the Hamas war against Israel. That is like supporting the rights of those who run dog-fights while passionately supporting the rights of animals. 

The Hamas movement is not known for having an excellent record vis-a-vis the gay and trans community. But that doesn’t bother the protesters. What matters is whatever the stylish norms are of the day. 

In a few months, the norm will become protesting Donald Trump before or after the election and that will become the most important issue for mobs to disrupt about. One thing is clear. The education norms at the highest levels of America have been compromised due to confused notions of gender, right and wrong, and truth vs. lies. 

Without a total reset across campuses, life in America will continue it’s consistent downward slide toward a world of confused morality, mob rule, and lack of freedom.

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