Brigitte Gabriel Shares Her Horrifying Story Living Under Radical Islamic “Palestinians”

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel knows firsthand the brutality of radical “Palestinian” Arabs. She lived through it and survived. Listen to her story.

Will the World Listen to Brigitte Gabriel?

Brigitte Gabriel has tried to warn the world. She isn’t afraid to say out loud that radical Islamic “Palestinian” Arabs destroy countries and people. The is just a fact. They don’t value life. It’s a terrifying reality that the world refuses to admit. Gabriel experienced the barbarism of these evil people. She knows. And the world is still going to try to claim that these people can be peaceful? That they can live in peace alongside Jewish neighbors and really alongside anyone? No! They cannot.

And so here we are today with a Middle East where even those in the Western world who claim to have the same values as Israel say that Israel should let radical “Palestinian” Arabs create a state right next to them. It’s as if they don’t know any history. It’s as if they are completely blind to the truth.

Please, listen to Brigitte Gabriel. Listen to her plea and her warning. The evil we are fighting against is not just a threat to Jews. It is a threat to all peace-loving people. As she said, “Because what starts in the Middle East doesn’t end in the Middle East. What starts in Israel doesn’t end in Israel…This is a war between goodness and evil. We either win or they win.” Wake up and stand with Israel! There is no other choice.

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