Conversation Transcript: UCLA Police Won’t Protect Jewish Students

by Avi Abelow

UCLA permitted the release of this audio capturing her phone call with UCLAPD, detailing the school’s directive allowing protestors to impede the movement of Jewish students.

– Parent: “Are the protestors allowed to block students who are paying tuition from classes?”

– UCLAPD: “No, but unfortunately, they have taken over that area.”

– UCLAPD: “We’ve received a directive not to intervene.”

– Parent: “So you’re allowing the protestors to block the Jewish students?”

– UCLAPD: “We’re not allowing it… the school is. Yes, the school is saying that they will not be removed at this time.”

– Parent: “At what point does UCPD get involved? Because if my child’s safety…”

– UCLAPD: “So, if your son is, needs police assistance of course he can contact us.”

-Parent: “So, I’m calling and saying my son needs police assistance to get into his class, that people aren’t letting him into his class.”

– UCLAPD: “We’re not forcing them to move out of the area. Like if he’s getting attacked or has a police concern, then… yes but the fact that it’s just blocked off they are not intervening. “

– Parent: “So if he physically gets attacked, at that point we should contact you?”

– UCLAPD: “All I’m saying is that we are not unblocking the entrances”

– Parent: “So you are allowing the protestors to block the Jewish students from going? Allowing it?

Here is a video of a Jewish student being stopped on UCLA campus…

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