Shmuel Diamond captures the Jewish Wedding day in unforgettable fashion

by Michael Sax

The Jewish wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever. As bride and groom get married and start a new life together, this photographer has captured the special moments.

Photographing the event

We go to parties, we go celebrate with families. Everyone has a great time. Some people take out their smartphones and take selfies or group pictures. Yet those pictures are not professional, and the person taking the picture sometimes feels like he can’t enjoy the event as long as he is responsible for the camera. This is where Shmuel steps in.  Shmuel is a professional photographer. More than that, his pictures convey meaning and emotion – they are a work of art. A picture of a bride and groom that he takes is vastly different than many pictures that the guests take.

Remembering the event

The photographer takes pictures of the event to make lasting memories. The wedding was beautiful! The new couple was ecstatic! But one picture can paint a thousand words. And it can also paint emotions.

The photographer can also have a vantage point that others may not have. He can use ladders to take photographs from up high. He has special lenses and lighting equipment. The photographer also often has little tricks to make a better picture. The two-year old is getting fussy and won’t smile? The photographer takes out a stuffed animal he keeps on hand for just this purpose. As well, the photographer often knows of scenic places nearby. He uses natural backgrounds to add a new dimension to the pictures.

Looking back, the bride and groom will be glad they had the pictures. Or the bar and bat mitzvah boy and girl will be glad they had pictures. In today’s world where everything is fleeting and tossed away, pictures are a wonderful way to secure memories of good times.

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