See what an Israeli “settler” and “Palestinian” Arab are doing at the European Parliament

by Avi Abelow

Together they went to present the only version of peace that will work.  And some members of the European Parliament now support it.

The Event

The Friends of Judea and Samaria in the European Parliament hosted this event. The event was a huge success and now serves as a sign that things are indeed changing.  This is all thanks to the wonderful work of some Israelis and their counterparts in the EU Parliament.

Over 20 European Parliament members, Belgian and Flemish parliamentarians, diplomats, parliamentary advisers and media figures filled the hall for the event.  The goal was to promote normalization of Jews and Arabs who live near each other – through economic cooperation. Chen Ben Lulu, who works for the Samaria Council wrote on his Facebook page that “this event is unprecedented in European proportions, according to diplomatic sources who spoke about the event and praised the success.”

Facts on the Ground

Ben Lulu also wrote that the event makes clear “that Jews who live in the West Bank (Judea & Samaria) are an existing and familiar fact.   (They are) much more popular today in the European Parliament.  This is the great victory in this conference.  It is the second one that was organized with friends of Judea and Samaria in the European Parliament.”

European Participant

“Honored to have been a speaker at a Coexistence conference today in the European Parliament. I was given the almost impossible task of following barnstorming speeches from friends Mudar Zahran and Bassem Eid, both Palestinians.   Both are fully in support of Israel and against the corrupt PA and damnable BDS.”

“In speaking about the International Shalom Festival, I suggested that coexistence and BDS are opposites.  You can only have one, not both.”

“I know which one I prefer.”

“Here is something that I took away, from Avi Zimmerman, a fellow speaker.  He said that the way forward lies not in politics, but in people.  We do not need ‘solutions’ but organic development. Quite true.”

Conference Highlights

Speech of Palestinian Arab Human Rights Activist at the Event

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