The secret Jew in Syria who is finally telling her story

by Leah Rosenberg

A secret Jew behind enemy lines. This hero and a few others like her made a unique life decision. They decided to put themselves in mortal danger. However, they did not do this in order to protect their country. They did this in order to potentially save the lives of their sworn enemies. Now that is serious dedication to a cause.

Syrian Border with Israel

Nearly the entire border with Syria today is on the Golan Heights.  Until 1967, this area of Israel used to look down on Israeli settlements and kibbutzim by the Sea of Galilee. Syrian soldiers could take pot-shots at Jewish farmers, and they did.  They killed alot of animals too.  But all of this changed in the Six Day War when a few brave soldiers scaled the Golan Heights and won the battles against Syrian soldiers.

Eli Cohen

Perhaps the most significant non-soldier in the battle was the spy Eli Cohen.  He penetrated the highest echelons of the Syrian government and had the ear of the Minister of Defense.  He even visited the Syrian front that looked down on Israel and sent back pictures.  But more importantly, he recommended to the Syrian generals that they plant trees to enable the Syrian soldiers to have some shade.  In the Six Day War, Israeli jets bombed the trees and destroyed the Syrian emplacements.

How Israelis Treat Their Enemies

It is a well-known fact that Israeli hospitals treat everyone who comes in it’s doors. Wounded Syrian refugees from the Syrian Civil War actually cross into Israel in order to be treated.  But this secret Jew took things up at least 2 or 3 notches.  She dressed up as an Arab, crossed the border INTO the civil war,  and helped people who believe that she should be killed.

One could argue that this is taking things a bit too far.  But I think they would reply, “How can you stand idly by as children are killed 1-2 miles from your house?”


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