Russia Leaves Syria To Iran

by David Mark

Reports are coming in that Russia is prepared to pull out some of its 10,000 troops in Syria. These troops are spread across 12 bases and have been the driving force behind stabilizing the Assad regime.

Russia is moving some of the troops from Syria to Ukraine. Reports indicate that Iran and Hezbollah will be taking over some of the Russian bases.

A report in the Moscow Times said the following: “Russia has begun the process of withdrawing its military forces from Syria and is concentrating them at three airports before being transferred to the Ukrainian front.”

“The abandoned air bases of the Russian Federation are transferred to the Iranian military-political formation ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’”

This puts Israel in a precarious position. Although Russia and Israel have had their challenges, Russia more or less acted as a buffer between Israel and Iran. With that buffer reduced Iran is in an advantageous position and seemingly preparing for a final war with Israel.

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