Rosh Hashanah 5781: Israel Enters Lockdown, While The USA Challenges Iran

by Micha Gefen

One year gives way to the next and while the world has been turned upside down by corona and political upheaval in the USA, one thing is clear, the next year promises to be one of increasing chaos.

Israel is entering another lockdown, slated to be enforced through the holidays of Tishrei and perhaps beyond. As for America, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are pitted against each other in a very close election whose fall out will change America and the world forever.

With that mind the new Middle East Alliance of Israel and the Gulf Sunni states are already gearing up for possible war against Iran in the coming months while America has thrown down the gauntlet in preparing to challenge Iran by reimplementing the strict sanctions that had existed before.

All in all we have to buckle up for the New Jewish Year – it promises to be one of the most pivotal for all of humanity.

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