Synagogues Vandalized by Rioters in LA & Other Cities

by Avi Abelow

In addition to the random destruction from the rioting across the USA, in some communities, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters specifically targeted Jewish synagogues and stores.

The sad thing is that these destructive riots in America have nothing to do with fighting racism in America. They are really just leftist anarchy hijacking the race issue to create anarchy in America. While excessive police force is an actual problem that deserves protest, these riots that we are witnessing across the USA have nothing to do with that issue either. Instead, the mainstream media, and too many political leaders, are focusing on the race issue and giving the rioters leeway to riot because of a history of racism in America.

While racism exists, I’m sorry, I do NOT buy the lie being spread today that America is a racist country. Was the USA once a racist country? Yes, it was, with horrific institutionalized racism. But today America is NOT a racist country. Are individuals racists? Sure, but America as a country is NOT racist! People of all colors, religions, ethnicities have equal opportunity & freedom in America, more than ever before.

The same goes for antisemitism. While there are plenty of antisemites in America, and too many antisemitic attacks, America is NOT an antisemitic country.

Regardless, all Americans, including Jews, will only be safe when the true instigators of these violent and destructive riots, that hijacked the sensitive race issue, are totally stopped.

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