Richard Dawkins on Islam, Jews, Science and the Burka

by Phil Schneider

Richard Dawkins is an interesting personality. He is an avowed atheist. He argues that “the rules of the game are that you should believe in whatever you think, but you should not be able to impose your beliefs on any other people.”

He believes that nobody should have to abide by “what I feel.”  That is an admirable opinion.  He is clearly a champion of freedoms in democracy and even believes in teaching religion in public schools.  However,  he is against indoctrinating religions on any one group.

He argues that evolution is not a matter of opinion – but fact. Well, that is clearly not a fact.

Perhaps this is why he is termed a “militant atheist.” Dawkins places himself in a unique spot with controversial statements. He raises issues in order to draw attention to the backwardness of Islamic thought. But don’t make a mistake about it. He is against all religions and against God as described in the Bible.

One may think that since he points out the fact that something like 25% of the Nobel Prizes in science have been won by the Jewish people, then he is perhaps a friend of the Jewish people. This is simply not the case. He throws around facts as fig-leafs. But, in truth he is exactly as close-minded as the people he criticizes.

What drives Richard Dawkins

Is Dawkins just looking for free PR? Probably. Those who use the word “fact” freely – even when referring to things that are clearly debatable – are opinionated people to beware of. Evolution – as the origin of life – is a weak argument that is not based on pure scientific evidence. But there are scientists who argue for it’s authenticity.

Even if the majority of the world does believe in Adam and Eve and that the story occurred a mere 6,000 years ago, Richard Dawkins believes that their opinions are garbage. He lives based on whatever his mind believes at the moment and not based on any traditions. What he does not understand is that all morality comes from the Bible – not from the minds of mortals.

Those who reject the Bible follow their own ego and nothing else.

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