Game of Thrones meets Passover for this impressive mashup

by Michael Sax

Six13 started off their Must See Passover TV mini-series with a Game of Thrones Passover edition. You don’t want to miss out on their entertaining musical skills!

Six113 performs a Passover song

Six13 does it again with this awesome Passover song. Passover is the holiday of freedom. It all began thousands of years ago in Egypt. Jacob and his family temporarily moved from Israel to Egypt. A famine threatened everyone, but there was food stored in Egypt, so the Israelites traveled there. The Egyptians enslaved the Israelites. They forced them do do backbreaking labor.

Pharaoh’s decree

Pharaoh declared that all male babies must be thrown into the river and killed. Female babies could live. Yocheved had given birth to a baby boy, and hid him from the Egyptians for three months. Unable to hide him any longer, she placed him in a basket and he floated down the river.

Pharoah’s daughter was nearby when she saw the basket. She peeked inside, and saw the Jewish baby. She named him “Moshe” and saved the baby.


Moses grew in Egyptian royalty. At one point, he witnessed an Egyptian beating a Jewish man. Moshe struck the Egyptian, and fled to the desert. There, he married Tziporah and had two children. He worked as a shepherd and was with his sheep when he saw the Burning Bush.

Moshe approached the Burning Bush, and God spoke with him. God instructed Moshe to go to Egypt and tell Pharoah to release the Jews. Moshe went back to Egypt and his brother Aaron joined him.

Back in Egypt

Moshe and Aharon approached Pharoah as God said. Pharoah did not let the Israelites leave. God got involved and began the Ten Plagues. First came blood. The Nile turned to blood, and the Egyptians couldn’t drink. The second plague was frogs. Frogs were everywhere – in the homes, in the furniture, everywhere. Then Lice was the third plague. The fourth plague was wile beasts. And the plagues continued, until the tenth plague, when Pharoah finally consented and let the Israelites go.

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