Republican Senators Visit Israel to Show 100% Support

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel needs support from the world. These Republican senators know that. They know who is right and who is wrong in this ongoing conflict.

Republican Senators Visit After Hamas Rockets

After all the destruction that Hamas caused, three Republican senators came to Israel to show Israel their support. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Bill Hagerty all visited and exposed how much destruction Hamas caused to Israel. They know that Hamas is at fault and that whatever destruction occurred in Gaza as a result of Israel defending itself is only the fault of Hamas and the terrorists there.

There is a fear that the Biden administration will not fund/replenish the Iron Dome missiles that helped save thousands of lives. And that is just immoral and wrong. Israel’s Iron Dome is a defense system. It is not a killing machine. Why in the world would there even be a question as to whether America will help give money toward saving thousands of lives in Israel? Israel is an ally! Israel is just trying to defend itself! And yet, America, under this current administration, seems to have no issues funding Gaza terrorism. Because all the money that is given to Gaza does not go toward infrastructure and helping the people there. It goes toward rebuilding Hamas’ terror city so that they can fire more rockets at Israel and build more terror tunnels.

At least Senators Cruz, Graham, and Hagerty get that.

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