Report Suggests Canada Funded The Wuhan Virus

by Phil Schneider

Could it be that the Canadian government actually helped fund the research project by Chinese scientists that may have brought us the Corona virus? This seems absolutely crazy. But, indeed, China has actually been involved in research of diseases with funding from foreign governments.

Today, we now know that it is possible that this lab has shoddy conditions in dealing with some of the most dangerous infectious diseases. Of course, the virus outbreak may have been a mistake and not intentional. That of course is one of the large questions that is being explored today. It is natural that when tens of thousands of people lose their lives to this virus, there will be many who will question the root causes to make sure that this does not happen again.

One of the main conclusions many are reaching is that the United States needs to make sure to be far less dependent on other countries like China for basic vital supplies such as medical supplies. But, perhaps there is yet another conclusion which has not been explored as much which is even more vital. That conclusion is that the free world cannot simply make believe that we can live in an isolationist cocoon in North America, and act as if what goes on in the rest of the world will not impact on our lives. The isolationist attitude thinks that if we simply disconnect, then we won’t lose lives in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we can live our merry American lives with no fear from foreign outsiders. Just tighten immigration, and all will be swell. Well, the Coronavirus and 9/11 showed us that these are patently false claims. We need to engage with China and Russia. We may need to engage in a way that does not allow them to take over the world economically. But if we disengage, they can strike us – without entering North America. Richard Nixon was right when he began to engage China and the Soviet Union. Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

Dr. Risch

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