Corona Just Makes Us Nutty

by Phil Schneider

This short video brings together all of the ridiculousness of the Coronavirus situation from at least 100 movies and TV shows. There is nobody who has not found the pandemic to be a difficult time. Everyone in their own way has found a way to deal with the difficulty of the quarantine situation. The key for so many people has been to deal with the difficulty in out-of-the-box ways. But, yes, all in all, there are probably millions of people who have been driven crazy by Corona.

The people who have been tested the most are the people who genuinely believe and continue to believe that they control their own destinies. Those people who understand that there is a God in charge do much better. They understand that as much as we attempt to control our lives, we are not alone. So, they are able to adapt to a situation that is challenging with the understanding that things are not random in this world – even if we don’t understand them.

So much of what so many people do in this world is geared at getting control and order in our lives. But an experienced person knows that life throws curveballs and all kinds of unexpected things at us. So, learning to adapt is not merely helpful, it is absolutely vital. And sometimes those curveballs are absolutely unexpected. But if one has been adapting for years, then adapting in a big way is also possible and effective. If one understands that God is with us, then it makes it a whole lot different. It gives meaning to what we do and order in what seems like a random existence.

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