Arab Ramadan Violence in Jerusalem Continues Without End

by David Mark

The month of Ramadan has always been known to come with an uptick of violence, but as the Jerusalem police chief is reported as saying: “No doubt that this Ramadan is different from previous years.”

Since the beginning of Ramadan, Arab youth have been going around Jerusalem attacking unsuspecting Jews and sharing the videos of the attacks on Tik Tok. With nightly attacks in and around the Old City, along with increased rock attacks and fire bombings in Silwan, the police have lost control of the situation.

Jerusalem District Commander Doron Turgeman said, “We are working to enable the prayers, but unfortunately, with no connection to Ramadan, hundreds of young people are working for one goal – to create riots and clash with the police.”

While many in the news and even rightwing politicians have asked both sides to “calm down,” the Turgeman insisted that “there is no symmetry. Most of the attacks are carried out by Muslims.”

Coordinated With Gaza?

Many observers have pointed out that the uptick in violence in Jerusalem appears to be timed to increase and be used as a trigger for the rocket attacks launched from within Gaza.

The hidden hand behind what appears to be flipping into a third intifada may be directed from Iran as well as the PA’s new confidence stemming from its relationship with the Biden administration.

Strangely, the US State Department remained quiet during the first two weeks of Arab violence against Jews in Israel’s capital and only issued the following statement, once frustrated Jewish youth decided to stand up for themselves.

“We are deeply concerned by the escalation of violence in Jerusalem. The rhetoric of extremist protestors chanting hateful and violent slogans must be firmly rejected. We call for calm and unity, and urge authorities to ensure the safety, security, and rights of all in Jerusalem,” tweeted State Department spokesperson Ned Price.

United Jerusalem Is Key To Putting Down The Unrest

For years the Jerusalem municipality left whole sections in eastern Jerusalem untouched and in the hands of “palestinian” extremists. Recently, there has been a policy shift as more and more Jews have moved back to neighborhoods they were removed from in 1948.

The current unrest should be seen within the larger context of both the Israeli-Iranian conflict as well as a push by the international community to restart the “two-state” solution as a viable end game for “peace” with the Arab world. The riots in Jerusalem allow the White House and the Biden team the ability to meddle in the affairs of Israel without support from the Sunni Gulf Sates.

The key to holding strong against the coming wave of anti-Israel propaganda is to stand firm on defending the entirety of Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. Unfortunately from the mayor of Jerusalem to the Prime Minister, there have been muddled statements of equivalency as noted above, rather than a firm push back against the forces of instability and chaos spurred on by the international community.

Jerusalem has always been the focal point in Jewish people’s war for self determination, sovereignty, and independence from foreign influence on its internal affairs. Israel cannot afford to let its capital, the city at the center of the country’s ethos, to be torn apart by riots and violence inspired by a world seeking to spread chaos to the Holy Land.

The police may have a hard task ahead of them, but without the enforcement of sovereignty and the return to order, Jerusalem’s unity will remain unfulfilled in this world – the Kingdom that is being built below will be stalled, its vision only a dream. Zion will once again remain in the horizon.

The goal of the “palestinian” leadership is to use the riots to weaken our resolve to continue – to create doubt within us about whose capital this really is.

This is only happening now, because they see the changes on the ground that a few ideological groups have made in recent years. The Jewish population in Silwan has doubled. The City of David has a majority of Jews. The Mount of Olives has a thriving neighborhood and there is now 1,000 Jews living though out the “muslim quarter.” The muslim Arab street knows that time is not on their side. However, violence is – if we let it.

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