Ramadan the Holy Month of Muslim Terror

by Avi Abelow

Hamas and its partners, UNRWA, Iran, Qatar,  have 134 of our captives in Gaza for over 150 days. There is nothing, nothing that should have to stop us from fighting in order to free our captives. Nothing.

Yet Biden, and his administration, have been warning Israel, to halt our military activity during the month of Muslim “holy” month of Ramadan or and I quote “risk losing world support”.

Seriously? Risk losing world support? To save our captives who are probably being tortured and sexually abused daily? Really Biden administration?

We have to stop from trying to save our captives and end this evil Muslim enemy fighting against us to be considerate of their holiday?

Were they considerate to us when they attacked us and massaxtred us on our holy holiday of Simchat Torah on Oct 7th?

. If we have to fight to protect our lives, why in the world should we give them a pass and be considerate of their Ramadan holiday?

No way

But Even worse. The world ignores that not only is Islam not a religion of peace, they use their holy month of Ramadan to kill us even more.

Every single year!!

Every year The IDF has to tighten security because they always commit more terror attacks against us during Ramadan.

So if the Muslims desecrate their holiday to murder us during their holiday of Ramadan, don’t you dare threaten us to respect them or their holiday!

Threaten them and stop ignoring that this is a religious war, for gods sake!

How much clearer can they be. They murder us even more during Ramadan!

Yet Biden threatens Israel?

Threaten Hamas. Threaten Iran. Threaten Qatar.

As I have been saying for months, Hamas would have surrendered and returned our captives on Oct 8th if the Biden administration would have called Qatar, which is Hamas, financed Hamas, and threatened to pull out the U.S. military base in Qatar. But no such pressure. Only threats to Israel. The victim of the horrific massacre funded by Qatar.

 We the Jewish people will prevail this evil we are up against. Including the world threatening to not support us.

Am Yisrael chai!!

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