Putin Mobilizes 300,000 Troops and Threatens Nukes

by Micha Gefen

After Russian troops fled East from the Kharkiv region, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization equalling 300,000 troops for Ukraine. This has not happened since WW2.

An equally ominous statement was his insistence that Russia reserved the right to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary.

This statement sent leaders around the world into a panic, with many people thinking that WW3 has arrived. Putin has made crazy comments before, but any comment about using nukes and doing so in a very convincing manner automatically sparks WW3 concerns.

Yet, what people are overlooking is that Putin really doesn’t have to do much. With winter approaching – he just needs to turn off the gas and watch Europe completely implode. Energy riots are already beginning and it is not even winter yet. Imagine the situation in a few months time.

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