Pro-Palestine? You’re Antisemitic. It’s That Simple.

by Avi Abelow

Wow. The antisemitic curses thrown at Jews in this video is quite indicative of the types of people on the “pro-Palestine” side…

“Palestine” Supporters are Antisemitic

To all the Jews, rabbis, organizational leaders – and there are many – and Jewish celebrities with their huge platforms, who are either siding with our enemies (aka Natalie Portman) or issuing neutral messages equalizing the two sides (aka Mayim Bialik, Gal Gadot), you are stabbing your own people and homeland in the back. There is no other side! There are your people and there is our enemy trying to kill Jews and destroy the Jewish state of Israel, for one reason and one reason only: to destroy the Jewish state of Israel and kill Jews. And anyone who supports that side is antisemitic.

All those Jews who deny that truth have chosen the wrong side. They are adding fuel to the fire of the biggest antisemitic blood libel in history called “Palestine”. Yes, any support for the two-state solution under the guise of “Palestine” is support for the biggest antisemitic movement in all of history. No matter where you live, whether in Tel Aviv, London, New York, or Los Angeles, the supporters of “Palestine” will come after you too. Your lives will get worse and worse because of the hatred of our enemies. Just brush up on your history.

I recently learned that the Nazi death camp Auschwitz had a special barrack for Jews who denied all connection to their fellow Jews and did not want to be associated with them. And what happened to them? The Nazis murdered them too. And that is true of how antisemites treated back-stabbing Jews throughout history. So too, for all those Jews today who are virtue-signaling by disassociating themselves from supporting their own brethren in the Jewish homeland, Israel.

And to all the rest of you: Spread the truth about Israel, the Jewish people, and the genocidal cause called “Palestine,” that never was interested in living peacefully side-by-side with a Jewish state of Israel. You do not have the privilege to remain silent. This is about all of us.

Beating up a Jew in Midtown Manhattan because he is a Jew

Below is a video of the violence against Jews in the name of “palestine” from all over the world:

Arab Incitement
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