Pro-Israel Debater Stunned the Crowd With Her Epic Takedown of “Palestinian” Lies

by Phil Schneider

Is it a Land dispute? Is it a dispute over the rights of a minority? No. What Israel is dealing with is a fight against barbarians who want to kill her because they are Jews. The sad reality is also hitting Jews smack in the face in countries all over the world, from France and England in Europe, and now the United States too.

It is not just acceptable to publicly state that Israel is the epitome of inhumanity and the world leader of violating human rights. It is downright fashionable for the young and seemingly well educated to espouse these opinions.

The fact of the matter is that those who are espousing these opinions are actually supporting rapists, baby killers, and grandma snatchers – as long as the women, babies, and grandmas are Jewish. There is no other way of seeing reality. But those who decide to willingly deceive themselves will not change their opinions as they are part of the culture that has bought into the big massive lie of the anti-Israel Arabs.

Lies flow from the mouths of Imams in Mosques, political pundits who hate Jews and Israel, and from nearly every student who sees no contradiction between being an LGBTQ supporter and a champion of Arab terrorists who support throwing LGBTQ people off of roofs. Without labeling the lies for what they are – pure lies, the truth will not be revealed.  

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