Bereaved Father of IDF Soldier Gave the Most Powerful Message at His Son’s Funeral

by Leah Rosenberg

The father of IDF soldier Omer Smadga who was killed in Gaza gave a remarkable message to the IDF and the Jewish people.

Father of IDF Soldier Gives Uplifting Message

Wow. There are no words for how incredible this is. A bereaved father of an IDF soldier at his own son’s funeral has the strength and courage to speak to the soldiers directly and really to all of Israel. Despite his immense pain, he is telling the soldiers to keep going and keep being strong. He knows they are fighting for the people of Israel. He knows they are doing holy work and that his son was killed fighting for the worthiest cause of all: the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

There is something truly remarkable about the Jewish people. Their ability to keep going and keep being strong despite the pain and suffering is commendable. The Jewish people have held onto faith since the beginning of time even though we have experienced the type of pain that would rid others of their faith. But we know that faith in G-d is what keeps us alive.

We pray that the day will come very soon where our children will no longer have to give their lives to defend our people. We pray for the day where G-d will bring peace upon the entire world.

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