The pro-football cleats with the Israeli Flag

by Leah Rosenberg

So many in the spotlight choose to criticize Israel. But not Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Michael Pierce. He chose to do something unbelievable.

My Cause My Cleats

There is something special the NFL does every year to bring recognition to various organizations. Players choose different organizations that they want to bring awareness to.

And what is so incredible is the organization that one Baltimore Ravens player chose.

Baltimore Ravens Star & the Israeli Flag

Michael Pierce is a pro-football player for the Baltimore Ravens. He felt connected to the organization known as Israel Collective, which is an initiative of CUFI (Christians United for Israel).

He chose to have the Israel flag plastered loud and clear on his football cleats, knowing what it will represent.  That is brave, unique, and inspiring.

Other Stars Who Support Israel

Many get swayed by the media and criticize Israel. Hollywood stars and sport stars alike do not always know the truth, or they do not care to know the truth.  And that is why it is so important when those famous stars DO publicly show their support for the Jewish state.

Other NFL stars have visited the Western Wall and were in awe by the spirituality and history.

Jewish American actress Mayim Bialik said, “I am happy to take that public bullet for this state.”

Whether it is the popular opinion or not, these stars are willing to support the Jewish state. It is the moral thing to do. And if you really understand things, it just makes sense.


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