President Joe Biden thinks Black people are too stupid to use the internet

by Leah Rosenberg

If Joe Biden was judged the same way as Donald Trump was judged, he’d be treated like a bigot. The truth is that he is probably more a man that is slowing down than a person who is in total control of what comes out of his mouth. Meaning, he is probably unfit to serve as President due to health concerns and not biases and racism issues.

The idea of a President being too unwell to serve is a very real issue. It has happened before, but way before the many communication revolutions we’ve had in the last few decades. FDR was a sick and dying President when he was just 62 years old. But he still ran for a fourth term. It made sense. After all, he had led the United States into World War II, and he wanted to finish the job. His doctors knew that he was dying, and his closest advisors knew that he could barely put in more than a few hours a day of work. His mind was sharp, but his body was giving up on him. The effects of Polio, a serious heart condition, and being a smoker were all fighting against his ability to live. Having the pressure of being the main leader of the free world and having to have an ally like Stalin did not help FDR’s blood pressure either. But, he persisted, ran for a 4th term, and won easily.

A few months later, he passed away and Harry S. Truman became the President charged with finishing up World War II and negotiating with Stalin while Churchill tried to preserve the British Empire. Today, anybody that watches a Joe Biden video from his time as Vice President and watches a video from today, will perceive the clear change in personality. So, everybody knows. Will Biden last for four years? It seems that the odds are stacked against it. We need to prepare for Kamala. She may indeed be the leader of the free world faster than we may expect.

It’s not Just Biden…it’s Systematic to Leftists, Supposedly the anti-racists

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