President Biden Gave Palestinian Arabs His Blessing to Keep Killing Jews

by Phil Schneider

Is President Biden right when he declares that both sides respect the rights of both people to live freely? Do the Arabs and the Israelis in the State of Israel truly both respect each other’s rights? What leader of the Arabs in the State of Israel is Joe Biden referring to? Has their ever been a leader of the Arab people in the State of Israel who has declared his acceptance of the State of Israel to exist?

President Joe Biden’s speechwriters are following the narrative of their true boss – Barack Obama. It is the same exact tired, old and false narrative that claims that if only Israel would give the so-called “Palestinians” a state of their own, then all of the problems of the Middle East would be solved.

Been there – done that. Israel walked away from a part of the State of Israel and allowed the Gaza Strip to become an Arab State in it’s midst. What did that lead to? Thousands of missiles raining down on Israel were shot by the Hamas-elected terrorist leadership that dominates life in the Gaza Strip. All the creation of this Arab State led to was bloodshed of Israelis.

So why would the Biden puppet administration support this? Do they truly care for the goodwill of the Israeli people? The answer is a resounding no. The best proof of this is the completely irrational canceling of sanctions on Iran. Barack Obama has been steadfast in his declarations and actions in reference to Israel. He hates Israel and hates Benjamin Netanyahu who stands for a strong Israel in response to the attacks from Iran and her proxies surrounding Israel.

The irrelevancy of the Biden declarations would be laughable if it were not for the consequences that the Biden policies have led to. The Afghanistan withdrawal debacle did not just embolden Vladimir Putin. It also showed the entire radical element in the Middle East that America will not get in the way of radical Muslim threats to Israel, Europe and the Western world. Biden’s power must be harnessed through a strong Congress that makes sure that his foreign policy of appeasement is denounced at every turn. Israel is in a dangerous region. There is no chance for Joe Biden’s policy statement to lead to anything but disaster.

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ewljr April 30, 2023 - 12:07 am

Traitor Joe Biden’s LGBTQ administration funds the “palestinian” terrorists to kill Israelis.

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