Watch One of the Most Beautiful Things about the Jewish People

by Leah Rosenberg

Prayer has the power to unite Jews from all different sects. And it is truly a beautiful thing about the Jewish people.

The Jewish People and Prayer

Leading up to the Jewish New Year and continuing until the Day of Atonement, the Jewish people join together in what is called Selichot. They beseech G-d to have mercy on them and forgive them. They confess their sins and pray for a year of growth and closeness to their Creator. It is a very serious time in the Jewish calendar, but it is also a time of hope and a reminder that Judaism believes in second chances. Judaism believes that we all have the power within us to improve and change our ways. And even though we all have sinned because we are all human, G-d gives us another chance. Every year. Again and again. He gives us the opportunity to cry out to Him and try again.

What is so beautiful about this is how many Jews come together and unite in prayer. G-d loves when His people put their differences aside and pray side by side. He loves when they dance together. Yes, there are many different sects of Judaism and many different types of Jews. But we all pray to the same G-d. We all are given the opportunity by G-d to change our ways and connect to the One Above.

Prayer is something that can unite the people of Israel. We sometimes feel divided, yet when we pray, we forget that we have differences. It’s a beautiful thing. Hopefully, that unique aspect of prayer can be carried into daily life so that the internal strife amongst Jews that might exist will be completely removed from this world.

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