The song that reminds us what makes the Jewish New Year so great

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish New Year is an opportunity to reconnect with G-d. We can reflect on the past year and hope for a year of blessing. This song helps us do that.

The Jewish New Year

Even Jews who do not celebrate every holiday celebrate the Jewish New Year. It is now always easy to connect to what we are praying for and yearning for.

Sometimes, a simple song like this can help people focus on the year to come.

The original song is by Nurit Hirsch, and the lyrics by Ehud Manor.

A Jewish acapella group called the Maccabeats beautifully sang it and added their own words.

The Translation and Added Lyrics

In the coming year we’ll sit on our porch
And we’ll count migrating birds.
Children on holiday will play tag
Between the house and the fields.

Soon you’ll see, soon you’ll see
How good it will be
In the coming year.

Original Lyrics:

[Soon the day will arrive
when we will sing together,
And the distance will just disappear.
And the children will smile,
In a world that’s gotten better,
So let’s bring in a healthy new year.

Wait and see, wait and see, what a world there can be
And we know that there’s always tomorrow.]

In the coming year we’ll spread our palms
Against the white flowing light.
A white heron will spread its wings in the light.
And the sun will shine in them.

Soon you’ll see, soon you’ll see
How good it will be
In the coming year.

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