PM Bennett Gives the US a Slap in the Face for Plans of US-“Palestinian” Consulate

by Leah Rosenberg

PM Bennett made it clear to the Biden administration: Enough of this absurd and ridiculous plan. The US needs to back down with this.

PM Bennett Makes it Clear: No “Palestinian” Consulate in Jerusalem

Although many people – on the right and the left – may not agree with everything Israeli PM Bennett has done, there is something that everyone should agree on. There should not be a “Palestinian” American consulate in Jerusalem. It is not something that will bring peace, and it is not something that is acceptable. As the prime minister said: “There’s no room for another American consulate in Jerusalem.” The fact that the Biden administration is pushing for this plan and trying to force Israel to cooperate is wrong. Actually, it is illegal and violates international law.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; the UNDIVIDED capital of Israel. “Palestinians” do not have their own state inside the Jewish homeland of Israel, and this current US administration should stop trying to give them one. Creating a plan for a “Palestinian” consulate in Jerusalem encourages the further violence and terrorism that is so prevalent amongst “Palestinians.” Does the US really want to encourage that? Do they really want to allow “Palestinians” to continue their violent culture? The Biden administration needs a major reality check.

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