Mainland Chinese people admit they prefer Communism to freedom

by Leah Rosenberg

Avi Yemini opens up our eyes to a disturbing reality. To the country that may very well be the most oppressive regime in the entire world. That country is China. China is a Marxist-run country where hundreds of thousands of people are oppressed because they are religious. Those religious people are usually Muslim or Christian. Avi takes you right to the people on the street of Hong Kong who are witnessing a protest of the lack of religious freedom and freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

Communism Versus Freedom

Between World War I and 1989, most of the Eastern part of the world was dominated by Communism. There was the Soviet Union and it’s many satellites that it basically held hostage. Then, there was China. China always had the greatest numbers. But the Soviet Union had the most influence. Many countries were under the Soviet Union’s dominance. Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Albania, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and the Ukraine, were all under the Communist umbrella. In the mid-1980’s the Soviet Union began to crumble. There are debates as to what led to the downfall. Most people give Ronald Reagan a lot of the credit for winning what came to be known as the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Some credit should be given to the implementation of the Marshall Plan over the decades after World War II, and the concept of containment that kept the Communist threat from spreading too much.

But, perhaps the main cause of the victory were the inherent contradictions that Communism possess as a way of life. Communism is a utopian concept that actually has some attractive aspects. When everyone knows that there basic needs are taken care of by the leadership, there are no homeless people on the streets. But, it also means that competition is largely squelched as the leadership controls so many aspects of life that there is no truly free enterprise. This may seem like a minor problem. But it is perhaps the core of the reason that communism can never truly last for long without turning into a ruthless dictatorship.

The nature of man has been analyzed since the beginning of mankind. There is no universally accepted ideas as to the essential nature of man. But one thing is rather clear about people in the modern age. They compete. They are jealous. If everyone has basically the same house, and the same car, and the same pension, that will not eradicate competition and jealousy. They will be jealous of the person who keeps their car cleaner than them, and the person who’s house is taken care of more properly.

Once there is competition and jealousy, there is no true utopian vision of equality. The detractors of communism have a very valid point when they argue that people may have been created equal, but they can’t be forced to stay equal. Equality of outcome – which is a core idea of communism – is an idea that is simply impossible to enforce in a non-dictatorial fashion. And if an idea can only happen via a dictatorship, then it is an evil idea. Capitalism and Freedom is not a perfect system either, but it is not evil.

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