“Peaceful” Gaza protesters plant bombs on the fence

by Avi Abelow

Say hello to the “peaceful” Gaza protesters that the world loves to side with. Yes, the ones planting a bomb on the border with Israel.

Gaza Protesters are NOT Peaceful!

The word peaceful is usually pretty objective and straightforward. So why is it not clear to the entire world that these Gaza protesters are NOT peaceful?

On Friday, a terrorist unit in Gaza wired two mortar rounds near the Israeli security fence and set them off. If someone thinks that is peaceful, they clearly need a reality check. This is what Israel is facing. These are the types of people Israel is trying to defend itself against. When there are “protests,” it is not about protesting Israel. It is about wanting to infiltrate Israel and murder innocent Israelis! It is about provoking Israel so that when Israel defends itself, the world can point at the Israelis as the terrorists.

Gazans Who Are REALLY Oppressed

Yes, there are many Gazans who are oppressed. But at the hands of who? Hamas! Israel completely disengaged from Gaza. Not one Israeli lives there. Israel stands guard at its border so that terrorists do not infiltrate the security fence. And when they do try to infiltrate, and when there are “peaceful” protesters (otherwise known as terrorists), Israel will defend itself. Those who are injured or murdered have no one to blame but Hamas and themselves.

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