Pat Condell warns of Progressives taking away the first amendment

by Phil Schneider

Progressives today have more power and influence than almost any other time in recent history. Under the guise of liberalism, the thought police attitude has become a prevalent attitude among tens of millions of college age youth and recent graduates.
Yes, things have spun out of control, and something needs to be done about it.

Liberals vs. Progressives

In the last century, the liberal perspective has brought many important advances to the Western world. From the progress of women to the openness to minorities, the liberal perspective has brought many blessings. Racism has become a horrible stain on our not-so-far-away past.  But we’ve come a long way. There is no question that we should all celebrate the accomplishments of liberalism. This despite some of the more radical elements of liberalism that have brought some negative progress too.

Close-Mindedness of Progressives

However, the new norms among many progressives are actually the polar opposite to liberalism.  The liberal point of view is much more about freedom and live and let live attitudes.  But the norms of so many progressives are all about silencing the opposition.  The prevailing attitude among so many today is one of taking severe offense at attitudes that smack of any sort of absolute truth.

It must be said.  Progressive attitudes are all about shutting mouths – not about opening hearts.  It is based on a rejection of any form of higher authority – God – in our lives.  The only thing that truly matters is feelings.  Sorry if this hurts your feelings – but that is patently absurd.

That creates anarchy and a dictatorship of the insulted and offended.  If you think that this is an exaggeration, look up the name James Damore.


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