HILARIOUS! Do Jews control the weather?

by Leah Rosenberg

So, some anti-Semites and liberals want to now claim that Jews control the weather? This just proves the absurdity of their beliefs.

Do Jews Control the Weather?

This seems like a ridiculous question to ask. But people who are considered sane have actually stated that they believe Jews control the weather. Trayon White, a D.C. Democratic Councilman claimed that. There have been many lies spread about the Jewish people throughout the centuries. And this is definitely on the list of most absurd “beliefs” – if you can even call it a belief.

It actually is quite humorous, as Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn admit. Steyn goes on a hilarious rant that just proves the insanity of Trayon White. Steyn says, “They bought the weather from God back in 1929 when He had a bit of a liquidity problem…” What else can you do besides laugh? Although it is quite sad at the same time.

Iran Also Claims Jews Control Weather

Trayon White most likely does not want to be put in the same category as the Iranian terrorist regime. But the sad truth is that what White said is the same as what Iran said. Iran blamed Israel for their drought back in July 2018. A high ranking Iranian General literally said that Israel is “stealing our clouds.” Yes, it sounds ridiculous. And yes, it is true that he said that.

People should really think before they speak. If Trayon White does not want to have the same beliefs as the Iranian general, he should probably filter those foolish comments.

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