“Palestinian” human rights violations cause IDF soldiers to face life-threatening dilemmas

by Leah Rosenberg

The world is supposed to condemn human rights violations. But what happens when “Palestinian” terrorists commit every violation in the book? Nothing.

What are Human Rights Violations?

It should be obvious what it means to violate human rights. Teaching children to become terrorists starting at a young age. Using civilians to transport explosives. Hiding bombs in an ambulance with a pregnant woman in labor. These are all violations of human rights! But by remaining silent, the world is encouraging such things.

“Palestinian” terrorists commit all these crimes. But no one seems to care. Why can’t the world manage to call these acts of terrorism exactly what they are? When it comes to Israel, terrorism suddenly becomes simple acts of “protest” and valid responses to “oppression.” They no longer consider these heinous acts to be human rights violations.

What Israel Faces

As this former IDF soldier explains, Israel is forced to face life-threatening dilemmas.

What do you do when a screaming Arab pregnant woman is on her way in an ambulance to deliver her baby? Well, if you let them by without doing a proper check, Israeli lives can potenitally be put in danger. And this exact situation that the soldier describes actually happens. What did the IDF find in the ambulance? Explosives. To murder Israelis. Israel constantly faces situations where terrorists use “Palestinian” women, children, and disabled people to carry out their attacks.

Does the World Even Care?

If acts like these are not human rights violations, then what DOES the world consider a violation? Apparently, Israel, the one democratic country in the Middle East with complete freedom, has violated more human rights than terrorists? Than Hamas? The United Nations cannot even manage to pass a resolution condemning Hamas, a terrorist organization. This just proves that the world does not care about human rights. They only care about condemning Israel on false accusations.

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