“Palestinian” Scouts in Lebanon Pledge Allegiance to “Palestine” with Nazi Salute

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at what these scouts in Lebanon are doing. They know full well what they turned their salute into. Can’t the world see the truth?

“Palestinian” Scouts in Lebanon

These “Palestinian” scouts in Lebanon went to the Lebanese border with Israel for an organized activity. And what did they do? The Nazi salute. They turned the scouts salute into the salute that supports the genocide of Jews. That’s what “Palestine” is all about – getting rid of the Jewish people. Why can’t the world see what the Palestinian Arabs actually want? Why can’t they see what they teach their children? They are literally calling for the murder of Jews! They don’t want to live peacefully with the Jewish people in Israel; they want them out. They want them gone.

Can we just talk about the truth for a minute? The truth is that Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for thousands of years. The truth is that the “Palestinian” people are a made up nation that came about when Yasser Arafat decided so in the 1960s. The Jewish people? They have been around since Abraham. We are talking about a few decades of a made up people vs. the ancient nation of Israel; the nation that G-d chose as His nation. The “Palestinians” claim that the Jewish people took their land. But how can that be possible when Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for, again, thousands of years, and the “Palestinians” were not even invented until the 1960s?

But the world doesn’t seem to care about the truth. And so, they will continue to support these Nazi-saluting people.

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