You Won’t Believe What This “Palestinian” Calls Trump

by Micha Gefen

“Palestinian” leadership has no only rejected the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” but has now resorted to calling him names.

In the above video, “Palestinian” Head of Hamas’ Women’s Movement Rajaa Al-Halabi denounces President Trump, “Trump says that the Palestinians always miss their opportunities and this is their last opportunity. We say to him: You lunatic, you idiot, we have one last opportunity and that is to liberate Palestine in its entirety, Allah willing.”

Of course terrorists like Al-Halabi who are consistently elected to office in “Palestinian” controlled areas never share how exactly they plan on liberating their “Palestine.” They also don’t express any sense of communal responsibility due to their terror activities.

The Trump plan, despite many of its flaws is still the best plan that preserves some sort of two-state solution out there. However, Hamas is not interested in any such framework and wto ould only agree to a one-state solution with the Jewish people returned to their dhimihood (second-class citizenship).

“Out last opportunity is to stand on the threshold of Al-Aqsa Mosque and to walk all over the Jews with our feet, Allah willing,” Al-Halabi exclaims from Gaza City.

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