“Palestinian” Arabs Protest by Burning Pictures of President Trump

by Avi Abelow

Talk about ungrateful. The USA has given over $10 billion to help the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza over the years, and all they do is protest.


Yesterday “palestinian” Arabs held a protest in Ramallah against President Trump and the US government. They are demonstrating the US decision to stop funding UNRWA with its annual $400 million US donation. The protestors burned pictures of President Trump, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, US Envoy Jason Greenblatt and advisor to the President Jared Kushner.

This is not the first time that the Arabs have protested against the US with such a disgusting ungrateful attitude. A number of months ago they “executed” President Trump and US Vice President Mike Pence by hanging dolls during a protest as well.

The worst of their “protests” was when they handed candies out in the streets on 9/11 celebrating the 3,000+ American deaths in that horrible terror attack. Yet, the USA continued to give them money, regardless.

The True Protest Should be Against the Corrupt Abbas & the Palestinian Authority

A friend of mine, Mark Halawa, was a “palestinian” Arab “refugee” who grew up in Kuwait and now lives as a religious Jew in Jerusalem. (Watch his unbelievable story here) He wrote the following Facebook post in response to yesterday’s protest.

I find it my personal duty to explain/remind you all of how things work in West Bank: (In Short)

1 – There is NO such a thing as freedom of speech, expression or right to assemble under the brutal rule of the terror group Fatah, aka the “Palestinian Authority”.

– Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas ordered the burning of pictures of US president Trump and Ambassador Friedman.

2 – If residents of the West Bank were allowed to speak freely, you would see young people demonstrate against the lack of jobs, rampant corruption, and the well-known fact that Mahmoud Abbas’s own sons control everything from Tobacco, cement, and Telecom companies in the West Bank, along with construction firms, among others.

There are dozens of Arab-language articles exposing the wealth amassed by Mahmoud Abbas, his children, and other Fatah crooks, from UNRWA funds, business monopolies, and international grants.

I chose a couple of articles for you about Mahmoud Abbas’ children and their wealth:

Foreign Policy: The Abbas Brothers

Reuters: Firms run by President Abbas’s sons get U.S. contracts

Finally, I’ll conclude with a famous West Bank proverb my mom taught me growing up, in relation to Arafat and Abbas corruption: “Unchecked money, creates thieves.”

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