“Palestinian” Arabs Call President Trump’s Closing PLO Office “Declaration of War”

by Avi Abelow

The Palestinian Authority responded to President Trump’s decision to close the PLO Washington DC office and called it a “Declaration of War.”


The PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, is a terror organization.  It is still a terror organization.  They set it up back in 1964.  The goal was simple – destroy the State of Israel.  They still educate their children in schools and via television programs to hate and murder Jews. In addition, they also use hundreds of millions of dollars, from international aid, to pay terrorists in jail, as a reward in pursuant of the amount of Jews they killed. This is what people call “pay to slay.”  The “liberal” Western democracies continue to ignore this for decades. The fact that Western leaders ignored this blatant support of terror and absolute abuse of international aid is scandalous.

Finally, President Trump is calling out the hypocrisy of the PLO that today runs the Palestinian Authority. He is the first US President, and Western leader to highlight their continued support for terror and continued refusal to negotiate. The charade is over, and the Palestinian Authority is mad.


The Trump administration’s decision to shut down the PLO office in Washington has the “palestinian” Arabs calling the move a ‘declaration of war.’ The White House has explained the move as a direct consequence of the Palestinian Authority for refusing to negotiate directly with Israel and the US.

The truth? The Palestinian Authority has been waging war against Israel and the West for decades. It is about time that someone stands up to the Palestinian Authority.

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