“Palestinian” Arab mother defends the murder of innocent Israelis

by Avi Abelow

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A “Palestinian” Arab Mother

It’s true – not all “Palestinian” Arab mothers want their children to die while killing Jews. But this Arab mother does. She makes it seem like it is so lofty to be a terrorist. She talks about it passionately as if her child was defending values we should all be defending. But he wasn’t. That is the word she uses – “defending.” What terrorists do is by no means “defending.” They call it Jihad. They want to wage war against the Jewish people and Israel. Those murderers want to throw us into the sea.

Her son, along with every other “martyr,” is a murderer. A terrorist. Do you see the problem with the culture of the “Palestinian” Arabs? Murderers are called heroes. Everything is upside down.

But in Israel…

In Israel, murderers are not heroes. They are put in jail. They do not have streets named after them. Israelis do not teach their children to murder. They teach their children to defend themselves against terrorists; to protect their nation because no one else will.

What does the United Nations have to say about these “Palestinian” Arab mothers and the culture of murder and hate? Why do they pretend that it doesn’t exist? We have seen it all too often that the UN and the world both blame Israel and condemn Israel as “oppressing” the “Palestinian” Arabs. But if you want the truth, you barely have to go any further than watching this video. Seeing what this Arab mother preaches gives you a glimpse at who the real terrorists are.

Arab Incitement
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